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Studio 29 & Factory 31 is a dynamic based product design consultancy and manufacturing business with electronic design and software development capabilities.

The difference we offer to a typical consultancy is a complete product development service. We are your partner from idea to full product reality. Taking your business or brand through a range of design development and production services to enable you to get to market faster and more effectively. Pushing industry boundaries and creating market disruptive products.

We are in the unique position to offer; product design, electronics design, prototyping, compliance and production all in house. This integrated approach means we can turn projects into a reality.  

We don’t like to pigeon hole ourselves to one industry or product. Instead we love challenges that new product areas and businesses bring to us. The value we add is from having a better breadth of knowledge and experience from multiple industries and sectors. You may be an individual with a great idea, a small start-up or a fully established business. Whichever category you fit into we are sure we can help.

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Endure power.

"We came to Studio 29 with little more than a product idea and some hand-drawn sketches. Six months later, that product is a reality. Their knowledge and professionalism are second to none - we consider them a vital part of the team. Oh...and they're really nice guys!"


"Studio 29 worked diligently through the prototype stages developing the design to get the product to the production stage, working with the supply chain to ensure every element/component was correct and worked properly, so that we had the best possible product.  

We quite simply would not be where we are today without them."


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