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Rolls Royce event seat ecu.

client Info.

Client: Auto Trim Developments


Rolls-Royce Bespoke are developing an Event-Seat for the RR31 (Cullinan), this feature has two extra seats in the boot area that can be used for watching events, such as horse racing or polo.


Electonics design, Design Engineering, Compliance and Production


To create an automotive approved ecu in a limited about of time. 

The unit had to be designed to be very robust including being IP66  rated.

To ensure the production schedule and design sign off was achieved on time pre-compliance was key for the success of the project. This allowed us to have high confidence when the unit went to full compliance it was going to pass and no further delays and cost would be encountered tot he client.

design approcah.

The design had to meet strict automotive group standards so a very robust strategy had to be implemented to ensure compliance. Selecting quality, highly reliable components was a must while also controlling the Bill Of Materials to a target production costs. 

The low volume and short development time meant THT was used to prototype and move into production quantities for testing and approvals. 

In house prototype building meant design changes and testing could be carried out quickly and robustly. 

Full production is now carried out in house and produced using a mix of hand soldering and automated Wave soldering technology. 

Every unit undergoes a full QC procedure and testing program.


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