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electronics production.

At the heart of most products are some sort of electronics assembly. 

We can offer a range of services to suit your project including  SMT and THT or mixed technologies.  For prototypes, small batch and full production.

Our brand new state of the art fully automated SMT pick and place machine production line is capable of placing over 12,000 components an hour. 

Our 6 head PNP machine can place down to 0402 and quick turn around's we are sure we can help you with your project.  

THT although an older technology it is still very much used across industries and in fact military and aerospace circuits still require this type of technology for robustness that it offers.

We are please to offer SMT production and mix technology PCBA's with in house re flow line and wave soldering.

Our automatic feed Pick and place is capable of producing 1000 of PCBA's a day. 

Please contact us for quotation and lead time. 


Whether you have a aluminum or FR4 board requirements we have the experience and setup to be able to complete your project. 

Please  contact us for more information. 

Typically with most designs there will be a requirements for hand soldering. We have several hand soldering stations setup for various types of soldering, including Aluminium boards.

Chip Probing
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