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Endure power holster.

client Info.

Client: Endure



Revolutionary wearable wireless charging holster that provides shift-long power for mobile devices.



Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Electronics & Software, Prototyping, Bespoke Lithium Batteries, Manufacturing Support


Endure wanted to offer workers at rail lines a compact yet high-performance charging unit for their mobile phones. Throughout the working day, employees who are mostly on foot are consuming the battery life of their mobile devices too quickly; resulting in downtime in productivity when the phone is in charge mode at nearest charging dock. Our challenge was to achieve a compact and high performing mobile charging unit that can keep the phone on for the whole day while in constant use.


"We came to Studio 29 with little more than a product idea and some hand-drawn sketches. Six months later, that product is a reality. Stealth's knowledge and professionalism are second to none - we consider them a vital part of the team. Oh...and they're really nice guys!"

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