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Leisure pursuits hut.

client Info.

Client: Leisure Pursuits


Leisure pursuits hut for outdoor living; targeted for the adventurers and explorers who seek comfortable living condition on the roughest terrains



Industrial DesignDesign Engineering


To develop a new modular leisure outdoor living space with cutting edge design comforts and sustainability at its core. This project saw Studio 29 explore a new market area and expand our knowledge of a non-consumer product. 

The design had to be able to be assembled at site and be in keeping with its surroundings yet disruptive enough to stand out as leading design in a crowded traditional approached market space. 

The conclusion was an adaptable and modern design with all the home comforts one would expect in 2017. 

design approcah.

Modular design was key in the design intent.  It was important that the unit could be built and transported to site easily with little or no tools. It had to be structurally sound and secure on most challenging of sites.

Aluminium was chosen as the key material as it offered many advantages in the form of extrusions and finishing.

This allowed a modern, adaptable design with integrated supplies that were hidden. This could be installed on a first fit basis or even retro fitted at a later date. Modern insulation materials can be fitted out neatly out of sight and viewing areas created for natural light.

The success of the design was measured on the effectiveness to offers a variety of configurations and solutions for many outdoor pursuits and environments.

The concept had to be able to be in keeping with the environment it was installed.  Wood and slate we chosen to help achieve this. 

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