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Stealth lithium battery.

client Info.

Client: Stealth Lithium


Electric golf trolley lithium battery.



Electronics & Software, Marketing, Compliance, Manufacturing Support

challenge & solution.

How do you introduce a new product and new brand into a market that has existed for over three decades? This was the challenge that we took on by exploring alternative battery technologies that perform more efficiently and are ultimately more cost effective than those already on the market. 

Market research was undertaken to understand end user feelings about the popular lead-acid type batteries that dominated the golf trolley market and from analysis of the feedback, our team were able to highlight several areas of potential improvement. Using Lithium technology, we were able to deliver more performance per battery cell. This in turn enabled us to introduce a significant reduction in weight and charge time, whilst maintaining the level of performance required by the user.

The next step was to source a suitable vendor that could provide these cells at the most competitive price without compromising the required performance characteristics. We also had to ensure that the selected vendor had the ability and experience to produce cells that held the relevant UN standard certification.

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