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Steam-e gum remover.

client Info.

Client: Steam-e



Cordless steam cleaning technology. By only heating small amounts of water at the point of application the product uses far less energy than typical steam cleaners. 


Industrial DesignDesign EngineeringElectronics & SoftwarePrototypingManufacturing Support

challenge & solution.

Steam-E approached us with an innovation brief for its chewing gum removal steam cleaner. It needed to be cordless for ease of use, but without requiring the potentially explosive propane / butane mixture used by conventional steam cleaners on the market. The performance also had to match or improve on those currently on the market.

A new steam generation method was coupled with a Stealth Lithium battery and electronically controlled to give a high performing yet safe system.

We worked very closely with the client throughout the entire project, providing support and guidance in the design, testing, procurement and manufacturing. Just the sort of project that we thrive on.

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